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The Crusade
About the Black Templars


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In the beginning, the Emperor created the Space Marine Legions, and soon after was the Great Revolt led by Horus. The Emperor was mortally wounded, which left the scientists on Terra (what used to be Earth) to keep the Space Marines going without the use of his knowledge or help. The once huge legions of Space Marines were reduced in number so that never again would one mortal wield as much power as Horus had, and the Space Marine Chapters were created as the Legions were broken up. The Black Templars were a part of what had once been the Imperial Fists Legion, whose Primarch had been Rogal Dorn, (the Primarch who carried Sanguinius and the Emperor off Horus' battle barge), and whose home world had been Terra.

They have fought many wars accross the galaxy, against every conceivable opponent, and emerged victorious almost every time. There have been defeats, and those Marines who did not return from those battles were hailed as martyrs to the Emperor. They are heroes who gave their lives for mankind, and whose names are recorded in the Great Chapel. I have been reading the names for as long as I can remember - counting the dead. Three of the walls of the Chapel are completely covered with their names, and one is nearly filled. Some of the names are so old that the movement of air has nearly eroded them from sight. I go into the chapel every day to honour the dead and record their names in a great tome. I have yet to get half way across the first wall.

Sometimes the chapter has neared destruction - there were many times when they numbered less than 100. Once they numbered only 7. It took nearly 200 years to recover from that dark period, but the chapter lives on. The chapter currently is nearly at full strength, and ready once again to go to war.

The Chapter Library holds vast numbers records of battles won and lost, including the more recent battles against the new threat - the Tyranids, and battles from millenia ago against the Space Orks. Time after time, the Black Templars repelled wave after wave of attacks on every World they were sent to protect. Sometimes they failed to return, and then they were mourned as lost.

Some of these stories provide inspiration to the Space Marines who at present uphold the name of the chapter - not least the story of the Battle at Valhalla. Valhalla is an Ice World - a World so cold that the people are forced to live underground. One of the toughest Imperial Guard regiments is recruited from that World. However, the story unfolds thus.

Stories began to reach the telepaths on Terra that a great force of Orks were attacking the settlements on Valhalla. A detachment of Black Templars, consiting of half the Chapter, being the nearest to the beleaguered planet, were sent to investigate and deal with the threat. The situation turned out to be much more dire than the few Marines could possibly have imagined. The Orks had allied with Dark Eldar Pirates to form a huge assault force combining the technology of the Eldar with the ferocity of the Orks. The Space Marines prepared for battle, and sent for reinforcements. However, as the huge force advanced on the human positions, it became clear that help would never arrive in time. Muttering a prayer, the Force Commander decided to attack, hoping the element of surprise would give them a better chance of carrying the day.

The battle raged for days. The Space Marines, outnumbered at least 20 to one, suffered huge casualties, and with less than 100 men left, the Commander came up with a plan. They left their armour behind, and offered themselves up as prisoners, hiding themselves among a large group of normal men. They were taken prisoner by the Orks, the Dark Eldar itching to torture and kill them all at the first opportunity. The Marines had only their natural abilities to fight with. They broke free of their chains and attacked the ork force from within. They tore through the Ork army in hours, striking when the orks least suspected it. They took what weapons and armour they could, and after an hour's respite, they attacked the Dark Eldar camp. They were almost wiped out, but managed to beat the Dark Eldar back, and won the day after weeks of fighting. The reinforcements arrived to find only 16 Space Marines left of the 500 who started the war. Even now, when the Black Templar enter combat, you can hear the cries "Remember Valhalla!".

I do not have time to mention every battle or conflict. I can do but mention the most important and hope this tells you enough about the Chapter's spirit to truly understand them. The Chapter will live on as long as there are Marines to fill those Black and White suits of armour...

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