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the Hymns are special rules that must be used by a Doom Crusaders army, and each Doom Crusaders Army is required to take a chaplain.

Mourning Hymns
Once Per battle the Doom Crusaders may sing a hymn in the memory of thier
fallen brothers. The hymn requires a Chaplain be in the army to begin the hymn
and that at least one Doom Crusader have died. You must declare that you are
singing a hymn at the beginning of your turn, there are three Hymns that may be

Hymn of swift remembrance
This dark and brooding dirge is sang by every member of the army in the Doom
Crusaders Movement phase. The army is preoccupied with its singing to worry
too much about tactical movemenents, but are driven into a vengeful fury as
they remember all of thier fallen friends. Roll 3d6 and pick the two highest,
this is how far, in inches the army's basic infantry may move. Vehicles and
Bikes are unaffected by this because it is impossible to drive a machine faster
than its specs allow.

Hymn of swift revenge
This staccatoed hymn is sung during the shooting phase, it resembles a drum
roll, but is sang which is quite scary to the foe. Any squad may fire heavy
weapons/rapid fire etc regardless of whether they have moved or not. They will
still be able to charge despite the fact that they rapid fired. As well any
foes who suffer casualties from shooting are adversely effected by the Hymn's
sound and must take a Pinning Test. Tanks and vehicles may shoot if they moved,
but suffer a -1 modifier to thier BS statistic. They may not fire Ordinance, it
is just simply too big.

Hymn of Heated Vengance
This hymn is sung during the assault phase. This truly frightening hymn is
simply a monotone repeated dirge of "With the heart remember, with the sword
avenge." All Doom Crusaders gain +1 strength for that assault phase. All Doom
Crusaders MUST sweeping advance but count as having Purity Seals.