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The Wrong Door!

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Me, featuring Maxdog

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Here's a list of some of my favorite bands:

Nirvana, P.O.D., Linkin Park, Led Zepplin, Beach Boys, DcTalk, TobyMac, Areosmith, Deep Purple, Staind, No Doubt, Limp Bizket,
Toby Keith, Tait, Delirious?, Tim Mcgraw, Garth Brooks, and old school KoRn
and i forgot to mention

Hey, I like to collect and shoot Firearms i own an AK47 (Technically a romainian semi-automatic WASR-10/63GP), a .22 cal Marlin Model60 Glenfield, and a WWII era Colt Commando revolver.
I love to roleplay and I DM my own D&D game, i also play Warhammer 40k regularly.
I have several armies for Warhammer 40k:
Tau Empire: 5,121points
Orks: 15'00points
Doom Crusaders (DIY Space Marnes: 1,993
the first army i collected was the Emperor's Children but i sold that army when i bought my first Space Wolf army.
the Tau Empire is the army i usually use for campaign and tournament play, with 5,000+ points i have lots and lots of guns. i hope to have some pics up soon of my armies and of mine and my friends games.
both of my parents are dead, my father died October 19th 2002, and my mother died December 16th, 2006, may god bless their souls for eternity.
I  live with my dog Max. i have a younger brother who lives here in G-ville and a younger sister up in North Carolina.
When I'm not playing Warhammer 40k or cleaning, firing, or working on my firarms or at work, I spend my time writing poetry and stories, both of which have sections dedicated to themselves here on the site, so read my fiction and my poems and let me know what you think. 


My favorite drink is Vodka Lemonade made with crystal light(i am diabetic) my favorite brand of vodka is Viking Fjord from sweden, i am also a whiskey drinker, i guess it was something my father gave me, he was a bourban drinker, any way my favorite brand of whiskey is Canadian Mist with three cubes of ice in a whiskey glass (ahh heaven)